about kacey beaudry, makeup artist

Hello and welcome to my website! I am Kacey Beaudry and this is my family. My fiancé, Justin, and our three kids, Lyndon, Leighton and Jayden. I am from Red Pheasant First Nation but reside in Saskatoon, SK. I have recently finished my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan and work full-time in an office setting. However, my passion is makeup...

I have always been obsessed with makeup and when my collection began to grow extremely large I began to feel bad because I wasn't putting all the makeup I owned to good use. That's when my friend suggested I start doing makeup in my spare time which would help to use some of this makeup and also gain some income while being a student. July, 2014 was my first paying client in my makeup career. From all my makeup appointments in my first year of my makeup career, I was able to save enough money to enroll at the Evelyn Charles  Academy in Edmonton, AB where I completed the Makeup Artistry Level One program in April, 2015. I then went on to complete my second level in Makeup Artistry at Evelyn Charles in Calgary, AB in August, 2016. 

I have been blessed to have been able to meet wonderful people in my makeup journey and have made true friends. The connections and collaborations that I have done previously only enable me to continue being creative and performing makeup services to people who are in search of them. Thank you. Ekosi.